Interview Etiquette


So you’ve secured your dream interview, fantastic! However, you might start to feel nervous and worried, which is completely okay. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered. We’re taking a look at some of our top interview tips for the ultimate interview etiquette.  

1. Bundles of preparation and research

It can be exhausting, but preparation is crucial for landing your dream job so set yourself up for success during your interview and research, research, research! There might be some curveballs during the interview but if you’ve fully researched your future employer you shouldn’t expect too many surprises. Also, interviewers love candidates who are well prepared – it reaffirms that you are willing to go the extra mile.

2. Dress to impress

What to wear can give you some headaches before the interview but it doesn’t need to. It’s best to dress for the occasion, no one can begrudge you for dressing smart even if the employer has a relaxed dress code. But try not to be too flashy and divert the attention away from you, as they’re interested in you, not your latest fashion accessory. 

3. Smile, it’s contagious

This may seem straightforward but you’d be surprised how many people forget to smile in an interview! Coming across enthusiastic with a smile on your face does wonders to keep you relaxed and make the interviewer feel at ease during the interview. 

4. Remember your manners

One of the essentials for interview etiquette is politeness so please remember your manners... From the moment you walk into the building, treat everyone with respect and be polite as you never know who you might be speaking to. Through the interview try not to cut off the interviewer before they’ve finished speaking and remember those manners wherever applicable, especially at the end of the interview! 

5. Confident body language

It can be tricky to nail the right body language in an interview as you can be naturally nervous, but this is your time to shine; ooze confidence but try not to come across as too eager. Try to exude confident body language throughout your interview; this could be in your verbal communication to the way you greet your interviewer with a handshake. Try to relax, and know with your preparation you can succeed, this mentality will filter down in your overall interview performance.

6. Turn that phone off

Last but not least, keep your mobile phone off, not on vibrate, OFF! It could seriously jeopardise your chances if mid-conversation your mobile phone starts buzzing away. 

So, these are our essential tips for interview etiquettes, and we hope it’s settled your nerves (even just a little bit). 

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