Tour de SRS: We are completing a 30 mile trip around the 4 North East universities to raise £1,000 for Team Kenya.

All of us at SRS have benefitted from the many learning and development opportunities available to us. We want those same opportunities to be available for girls and women in rural Kenya, where some cannot afford an education or are forced to marry young.   

Team Kenya’s vision is for every girl in Kenya to have an equal chance to achieve her potential, and they support communities to deliver better education and employment opportunities for girls. We are all very passionate about gender equality and the chance for these girls to have brighter futures.

We want to show our support by completing a 30 mile tour of 4 North East universities, using the bus, the ferry and walking for over 8 hours – come rain or shine! This supports our policy of using sustainable public transport wherever possible and compliments the work we do to improve the employability of students. Most importantly, this tour will remind us of how lucky we are to have access to a free education.

We would love to raise £1,000 to support the education and empowerment of girls and women in rural Kenya. No donation is too small, and will help fund grassroot projects in the communities. Thank you for your support.


SRS Tour