5 Steps to Video Interview Success

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Many employers use video interviews for the initial stage of the recruitment process. It’s an efficient way for recruiters to screen and evaluate candidates while allowing the candidate the opportunity to record their interview at a time that suits them. 

This can be an intimidating process if you haven’t done anything like this before but with a few simple steps you can set yourself up for video interview success.

Step 1 – Test your equipment

Before you start your video interview make sure you are connected to the internet, your camera and microphone are working and your PC or laptop is sufficiently charged. You’ll be surprised how many candidates forget this first step. My favourite recruiter story is where a candidate got mad with the technology during his video interview. He thought it had stopped recording, but it hadn’t and he started to use some very colourful language. Needless to say, he didn’t get through to the next stage. 

Step 2 – Location 

Choose your location wisely to minimise distractions and close the door. You don’t want to be put off by your cat walking across your laptop or someone interrupting you during the interview. You also don’t want your video interviewer to experience the unexpected. A recruiter shared their experience of when an interviewee’s girlfriend walked behind him stark naked in camera view – they definitely weren’t expecting that. 

Step 3 – Dress to impress

Dress for the video interview as you would if you are attending a face to face interview. Making a great first impression is an important part of the recruitment process. Recruiter stories never cease to amaze me, I’ll never forget the one where a candidate changed his outfit during every question of the video interview. He started in a suit and finished wearing a snorkel and swimming trunks. Memorable yes but not for the right reason.

Step 4 – Preparation and practice

As with any type of interview, it is important to prepare for ultimate interview success. Research the company, study the job description and consider the type of questions you may be asked. Our STARR technique worksheet over on our Resources page will help you structure each answer in a systematic way. Be concise with your answers as you will have a limited time to respond. Many candidates are cut off mid-sentence before they have answered the question and equally, there are just as many who have not used the full time available. Both of these will impact your score, so make sure you fully answer each question (without rambling!) and use the time available to expand on your answer using the STARR technique.  

Step 5 – Be polite 

It is essential to remember your manners at all times! Be polite, smile and avoid using slang. I hear countless recruiter stories of candidates who have dropped the F-bomb during their video interview. Swearing can be considered as poor judgement and can seriously jeopardise your chances of securing your dream graduate role. 

So, there you are, my top tips for video interview success.  


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