An update from Sophie....

We haven’t posted our news for a while so I thought it might be a good time to share an update on what we’ve been up to that has kept us so busy.

We are delighted to have started work on some of our student coaching contracts. This seems to be an emerging trend that offers an outstanding candidate experience as well as improving the diversity of each cohort. One of our clients plans to offer coaching right at the beginning of the application process by telephone and another just before assessment centre as a face to face session. Both methods offer a fantastic opportunity for candidates and demonstrate a significant investment that they should be recognised for. Award opportunities right there!

Those of you following me on twitter @SRS_Sophie or who are connected to me on LinkedIn can’t have failed to spot me sharing updates on our assessment simulations. I’m so proud of these as I see firsthand the positive impact they have on students’ knowledge of the process and confidence and then the more tangible effects of students securing graduate level placements and jobs as a result of this. The simulations work best when carried out in a three way partnership with us, the courses and the Careers Service. The university selects which elements of the selection process they wish to replicate and we design materials that are bespoke to the course. Not one of our clients has the same materials. We love designing new materials and are currently working on some new courses within Engineering, Creative Arts and Humanities that are getting our creative juices flowing! The real challenge is executing the delivery on a large scale and we have a really slick operation in place that allows us to see up to 450 students per day at assessment centre. We are always on the look out for employers who would like to assess at these and meet some fab students in a fun environment. I’m also keen to invite university contacts to observe a simulation in action and explore whether it might work at your own institution.

We are preparing for graduate RPO season and will be carrying out the end to end outsourcing process as well as elements of this for different clients. We are always happy to talk to any employer considering outsourcing their delivery. It can be a daunting step to take if you have always carried out your screening in-house and it is vital that you select the correct partner. The key point of outsourcing is to ensure a consistent and high quality experience that would be an extension of your own team. Our associates are top class and we work efficiently to offer your candidates an amazing experience allowing you to get out on campus and shout about your programmes.

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Sophie Milliken, Managing Director, Smart Resourcing Solutions