Large scale assessment centre simulations set to DOUBLE this year!

We’ve become known for our assessment simulations which we run for groups of students as small and select as five to over 1000. We have run these as generic programmes in conjunction with Careers Services where students from different years of study and different courses can take advantage of the experience. In our opinion, the real success of the simulations is when we work with the Careers Service and the course leaders. That three pronged approach adds huge value and gives students the best opportunities.

This year, all of our previous university clients have renewed their contracts with us highlighting the value they feel we bring to their students. We’ve also increased the numbers of students we work with at some universities and we are delighted to be partnering with even more universities – to be announced soon!

Our assessment simulations are bespoke to each course so that students are provided with the most realistic experience possible. Students attending the mock assessment centres often comment on how realistic they are once they experience real life situations to make that comparison. Universities can choose which elements of the selection process they want to include from the point of application, through to tests, telephone or video interview then choosing from a range of exercise types at assessment centre. With our large scale assessment centres, logistics can be a fun challenge for us! We tend to run these at football grounds which we find are the perfect venue to add excitement as well as a sense of formality. Last year we enjoyed utilising the football grounds of Manchester City, Tottenham and Watford.

We know our students have great potential and this unit has prepared them for the challenges that employers present as part of their assessment and selection processes. We have had extremely positive feedback from the ISS (Internal Student Experience Survey) highlighting that the assessment centre provided a “high level of preparation and support for assessing work opportunities, giving our students confidence for future assessments, aiding professional development especially through assessment centre interview techniques and presentation skills.
We feel that it has now become a necessity to prepare our students for this method of application and working with Smart Resourcing Solutions has provided us with the support and level of professionalism that is now expected more than ever in the workplace. The organisation of the assessment is such a huge undertaking and the level of detail considered has ensured the assessment created impact for our students.
We can now be confident that all our students have the skills to cope with the competition set up for them nationally and to compete confidently amongst their peers and we are one step in-front of the graduate process implementing this at a much earlier stage of their university life.
We are now seeing some important behavioural changes in both appetite and application for placements. It is also pleasing to observe the students taking control of their personal and professional development in such a proactive manner.
— Caroline Herz, Curriculum Co-ordinator and Employability Champion, MMU
Etihad Stadium, venue for MMU assessment simulation